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Ancient Modern Finishes produces outstanding artistic work unequaled in decorative finishes. Each project is custom designed and unique to the homeowner and the room itself. We are devoted to providing clients with the best by using the highest-quality products. 

With decades of knowledge, experience, and unique history, we maintain the country’s highest-quality standard in decorative surface artistry. Our work builds on a tradition of excellence. Ancient Modern Finishes offers exclusive wall finishes that are indeed works of art. Our guiding principle—it must be beautiful.

Decorative finishes. Ancient Modern Finishes, Bonita Springs, Florida 239-494-8888
House painting. Ancient Modern Finishes, Bonita Springs, Florida 239-494-8888

Samples and options

We provide samples and custom finishes for interior designers and homeowners. From vinyl to mother of pearl, our decorative wall surfaces combine an inherent beauty with the most advanced production methods. The result is a consistently pleasing color palette and surfacing materials that traverse easily between contemporary and traditional.

Faux finishes can simulate surfaces like marble, wood graining, leather, and tortoiseshell. Many of the historic houses and palaces in Europe boast some form of marbling and wood graining because these materials were so expensive to acquire. They instead commissioned an artisan to give an acceptable rendering of them.

Decorative techniques

Techniques such as striéing (dragging), color washing, sponging, ragging, and stippling are not faux finishes. In Europe, they are called decorative techniques or broken color effects. This simply means that a colored glaze is applied to, let’s say, a wall and then broken up with a brush, cloth, or sponge.

Gilding, patination, aging, and distressing all fall under the vast umbrella of a finisher’s repertoire. Stenciling, découpage, and trompe l’oeil are additional skills that must be mastered in an artisan's portfolio.

Ancient Modern Finishes creates custom finishes to enhance the environment you live or work in. From traditional and contemporary, elegant to eccentric; we can make a gorgeous finish for you. 

Decorative plasters. Ancient Modern Finishes, Bonita Springs, Florida 239-494-8888
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What our clients say

“We are very pleased with the work from Ancient Modern Finishes. Florian and team were very responsive, on time, and the house looks fantastic. I would highly recommend their services.”

—Jeff Kinziger

“We want to tell you how much we appreciate the exceptional work you have done for us. Every project you completed for us produced a result far superior to anything we ever thought was possible.”

—Nancy Gray

“Florian and his painters were superb.  The quality of workmanship, timeliness, neatness, attitude, and pleasantness were above reproach. I would highly recommend them to all.”

—Suzanne Kellum