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Decorative Finishes

Faux finishes are techniques that simulate surfaces like marbling, wood graining, leather, tortoiseshell and other organic materials found in nature. Most of the historic houses and palaces in Europe boast some form of marbling and wood graining because these materials were so expensive to acquire that it made sense to commission a craftsman to give an acceptable rendering of them.

In Europe they are collectively called decorative techniques. This simply means that a colored glaze is applied to a wall and then broken up with a brush, cloth, or sponge. Gilding, patination, aging and distressing come under the very large umbrella of a finisher’s repertoire. Stenciling, découpage and trompe l'œil are additional skills that fully complete a faux finisher’s portfolio.

Exterior Painting

Luxury homes deserve the best in materials, craft, and paint. That is the philosophy of Ancient Modern Finishes. We are a Florida–based licensed painting company, in high dema in affluent residential communities. Our team of painters has a reputation for perfection. When you invest in a luxury home, you should not settle for anything less.

Our pricing reflects the extra value and care we place upon your exterior painting project. Each complimentary consultation provides a scope of work that addresses the size and complexity of the job, the quality of work desired, and the time it will take to complete the project.

Venetian Plasters

Ancient Modern Finishes installs authentic Italian Lime Plasters—better known as Venetian Plaster. Because they are natural products, these elements will bond and harden back to an original stone/texture state. It actually improves in appearance over time, and has a natural healing process that can repair natural cracking or splitting that could occur naturally over the years, due to weather or other natural environmental issues.

The benefits of this product include: resistance to water and water damage; mildew and mold resistance; and little or no upkeep. We will coordinate your project with your existing décor, and provide expert color guidance for other areas.


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