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How will your project unfold when you engage Ancient Modern Finishes? Our interior painting service is the professional approach for your project. Painting your home shouldn’t feel like a complicated task. Our expert painters will handle your project's logistics and ensure a well-done job. Whether you want to explore different colors or embrace recent design trends, paint can dramatically improve your space. 

  • We’ll advise you on your selection of paint colors. Choosing the right color is often more complicated than you might expect. With seemingly endless hue options and many shades, where do you start? Ancient Modern Finishes will offer you a     curated selection of our favorite paint colors.
  • We’ll cover all surface areas. We don’t want dust or paint getting where it doesn’t belong. Our house painters’ first step is to lay canvas drop cloths and plastic sheeting over the floors and furniture in the spaces we are painting.
  • We’ll carefully prep your walls. A smooth surface makes for better paint adhesion, so our painters will meticulously repair and prepare wall surfaces and architectural details before painting.
  • We’ll apply professional-grade paint. Our expert house painters will apply the appropriate number of coats of quality paint. The duration of this step depends on the type of surface and the type of paint, but our painters will make sure to work quickly and efficiently. 
  • And then a thorough clean-up. We will make sure your house looks new again. Our house painters clean up all painted areas after we finish our paint job. 
Cabinet refinishing. Ancient Modern Finishes, Bonita Springs, Florida 239-494-8888

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Engaging the services of a professional painter is the surest way to transform your home’s interior. Whether you need your entire house painted or just want to freshen up the living room with this year’s popular color, our professional painting service is the logical choice for upscale homes. 

Ancient Modern Finishes has thirty years of experience painting residential interior spaces. Schedule a Free Consultation and tell us a bit about your aspirations for interior painting project. 

Interior and exterior painting and cabinet refinishing. Ancient Modern Finishes, Bonita Springs, Florida 239-494-8888

A few suggestions

  • Architectural trim. Walls are relatively easy to paint. But there are other surfaces that require more attention: wainscotting, doors, trim and crown molding, and cabinets—just to name a few. Depending on the rooms you are choosing to paint, you’ll likely need different finishes appropriate for each type of surface.
  • Bedroom. It doesn’t get more personal than the bedroom. It’s the space where we spend a third of our lives. So why not give it the love and paint it deserves?
  • Bathroom. The bathroom is one of the private places in our homes, but don’t forget about it when decorating. It also deserves some love and care. The proper paint will not only beautify your bathroom but make it last longer. 
  • Kitchen. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Whether painting the walls or refinishing your cabinets, it’s an affordable way to renovate your kitchen. 
  • Living Room. The living room requires a bit more consideration and thought to make it the welcoming place it’s intended to be. Coordinating colors with the rest of the décor is also important. 
  • Hallways. We use our hallways more than any other space in the house. Be sure to give them an upgrade with a durable paint that can handle the traffic.
  • Entryways. Everyone comes through the entryway, so be certain you make a solid first impression with the right paint color.
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