January 1, 2024

A little bit more about me

Of course, you know my name by now. I am Florian Spahiu, the owner and decorative faux artist of Ancient Modern Finishes.

A little bit more about me
Hello! I am Florian Spahiu, the owner and decorative faux artist of Ancient Modern Finishes. I have had the privilege of being trained in Italy, Greece, and the United States. You may be wondering—how did that happen?

Let me take you back in time...

I began my decorative painting career in 1985 but quickly recognized that faux finishing would align better with my creative interests and skills. And soon, there I was, working on a house restoration in Albania—featuring an old Byzantine style. I loved it!

Next, my dream to launch my faux painting business began. In 1990, I moved to Athens, Greece, to further my artistic knowledge. I attended the School of Art taught by Farinola, an Italian artist.

For a decade, I worked in Greece, where I not only applied my knowledge about faux finishing but had the opportunity to expand my talent. After taking several private courses in Italy, I became familiar with Italian plaster techniques. Wow! Talk about beauty!

My family and I made the momentous decision to move to Boca Raton, Florida in 2000. My education didn't stop there! I mastered my understanding and expertise of Italian plaster, through independent study courses from the Texston Company. I received certifications in Faux Effects, European Marbling, and Wood Graining courses taught by Master Mike McNeil.

I have worked full-time in decorative arts and professional painting since relocating to Naples, Florida. There is so much beauty in the world and I love to create exceptional beauty in the homes of my amazing clients, like you. I've had the honor of being profiled in numerous showcase homes, and my projects have been featured in Faux Effects World magazine. What a humbling experience I am so grateful to have had!

Albania: my home
Albania Riviera
Albania Riviera