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A painting company with an artistic owner

Florian Spahiu is the owner and decorative faux artist of Ancient Modern Finishes. He trained in Italy, Greece, and the United States. Ancient Modern Finishes is exceptional at developing original ideas and concepts—including surface finishes for walls, furniture, and cabinetry.

Exterior painting. Ancient Modern Finishes, Bonita Springs, Florida 239-494-8888
Interior and exterior painting. Ancient Modern Finishes, Bonita Springs, Florida 239-494-8888
Cabinet refinishing. Ancient Modern Finishes, Bonita Springs, Florida 239-494-8888

Florian Spahiu trained in Italy, Greece and the United States. He excels at decorative faux painting and professional home painting.

After beginning his decorative painting career in 1985, Florian soon recognized that faux finishing would align better with his creative interests and skills. His perception was realized during a house restoration in Albania—featuring an old byzantine style. Florian's dream to launch his own faux painting business grew from there.

In 1990, Florian moved to Athens, Greece to further his artistic knowledge. He attended the School of Art taught by Farinola, an Italian artist. For a decade Florian worked in Greece, where he not only applied his knowledge about faux finishing, but had the opportunity to expand his talent. After studying several private courses in Italy, he became familiar with Italian plaster techniques.

Florian and his family moved to Boca Raton, Florida in 2000. He mastered his understanding and expertise of Italian plaster, through independent study courses from the Texston company. He received certifications in Faux Effects, European Marbling, and Wood Graining courses taught by Master Mike McNeil.

Florian has worked full-time in decorative arts and professional painting since moving to Naples, Florida. He applies his fine art background to faux finishes and plaster to create custom works of art for his prestigious clients. His work has been profiled in numerous showcase homes, and projects have been featured in Faux Effects World magazine.

florian spahiu, founder

Ancient Modern Finishes launched in 2000

Ancient Modern Finishes was established in the Sunshine State of Florida in 2000. The company undertakes a wide range of projects, but always with the same degree of care and exacting standards.

Ancient Modern Finishes uses the best materials, sourced from all over the world for their quality, durability and eco-friendliness. We are dedicated to meeting the expectations of clients on every project—large or small. We provide a high degree of craftsmanship, and we take pride in a job well done. Ancient Modern Finishes aims for minimal disruption during the progress of a project. We always endeavor to make it an enriching experience.

We carry full Professional Liability Insurance.

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Cabinet refinishing. Ancient Modern Finishes, Bonita Springs, Florida 239-494-8888